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  • AID STATION (Week 10 Ax Pack) at Blue Ox Running

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    AID STATION (Week 10 Ax Pack) at Blue Ox Running

    Aug 17th 06:00 AM

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    Blue Ox Running
    417 S Barstow St
    Eau Claire WI, 54701

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    (FREE!) AX PACK SUPPORTED LONG RUN: An aid station for your Saturday long run 6am-8am outside the store! There will be water, Andersons Maple Syrup gels, and Tailwind (orange) mix at Blue Ox Running. Drop off your own custom fuel beforehand if you want and swing by anytime between 6am - 8am as you choose your own route and starting time.

    10 mile loop options FYI ... 

    Option 1: 10mi outer / inner loop ... River > Rod & Gun (new path!) > Carson >> https://onthegomap.com/s/e3ggfrle

    Option 2: 10mi loop ... Putnam > Carson > High Bridge >> https://onthegomap.com/s/55bpgu9l

    Check blueox.run/axpack for all Ax Pack workouts and details!

    Chat >>> blueox.run/chat

    Events >>> blueox.run/calendar & our mobile app!


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