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    “run often, run far, but never outrun your JOY of running”



    Ready to take the next step? Ready for structure, experience, and personalized plans around your lifestyle? Blue Ox Running is now offering a limited number of openings for personalized coaching.


    Fast is relative. What is fast? Fast is quicker than you are right now. We’re here to help. Our coaches have helped runners achieve goals running sub-5 minutes/mile all the way to 10+ minutes/mile.


    We’ve helped runners complete their first 5k, runners qualify for the Boston Marathon, and beyond. Young. Old. Working parents. Newbies. Veterans. Road. Trail. We’ve been at this a long time. We ourselves are first runners. We absolutely love to run and know achieving goals that YOU set can be a very rewarding part of running and living a balanced, structured life. We’re here to help.



    1. Read up on some of our coaches to see who you think might be a good fit
    2. Read all FAQs below
    3. Fill out the initial athlete survey below
    4. We will contact you within one week if a coaching match is available!

    Athlete Survey


    Our coaches get it. They aren’t professional runners. They train like you do.

    Running while working a full time job? Family? Kids? Life? So do our coaches. They love it. They get the training in, but they know what it means to be flexible and smart while balancing their time.





    What excites you about coaching? Im so excited to encourage other runners in their running journey and help spark joy in running!

    Background: I began running in college when my sister invited me to run the WDW Half Marathon with her (I never was a HS or college athlete, so this was a big commitment for me!). I started training for this race nearly a year in advance, starting with only a half mile at a time. I admit, it probably looked far more like walking than running. I slowly increased my distance from a half mile to a whole mile, to a mile and a half, and gradually more and more. And it was over this long (and often frustrating) process that ultimately I unexpectedly fell in love with running. Because with each run, each new distance reached, I was challenging myself and accomplishing something I never thought I would. (p.s. it's important to note that it took awhile for me to reach this place...it's very normal to really struggle with running at first!)

    Thus, my running journey was only beginning with that half marathon. Since then I have done many half marathons and five (about to be six!) full marathons. I tend to prefer longer distances simply because I have learned that my strength lies more in endurance than in speed...I may not be fast, but I can go far!!

    My hope in coaching is to help individuals see that they are capable of far more than they ever imagined and assist them with reaching a place where running adds joy to their lives. A holistic approach to running is important to me, as I think "success" encompasses the entire individual, not just pace, distance, etc.

    Favorite part of running & training: I love the simplicity and beauty of it. At its very core, running is simply putting one foot in front of the other. And yet it has had this profound effect on not just my physical health, but also on my mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

    Fun fact: I have two doggos, Moose & Minnie (see my picture), who are fantastic! Moose is 4 years old and a certified therapy dog, so hes got his own little career going. And Minnie is still just a pup and set on destroying all created things (and relatively succeeding).

    Alexs Rates:
    8 + weeks $22 per week
    12+ weeks $20 per week
    16+ weeks $18 per week



    What excites you about coaching? Aw geez, I think what excites me the most about coaching is the potential to really help positively shape an individuals journey towards health and movement. As human beings, we have an innate drive to move. Having the courage to take that first step is always so inspiring and having a positive support system when working towards our health goals can make all the difference in how we reach and sustain them.

    Background: I began running Cross Country and Track my freshman year at North High School. I was a team captain through my Junior and Senior year and have kept running as a common thread throughout my life ever since. Never running collegiately, I felt compelled to get away from a competitive training perspective, and instead choose to make my own joy the basis for my own process - if there is joy in what Im doing, then Im on the right track. I often think that we get too bogged down by performance goals that we forget our love of running, our fundamental connection to move and enjoying the freedom that comes from that.

    Favorite part of running & training: I feel like running can be such an amazing metaphor for everything we do in life; how we choose to get out and move can very much be a reflection of our current state of being. So I love running for how it gives me such an honest look of where I am at any given moment in time and when anything is out of balance, (which it often is) allowing me to think critically and creatively for solutions, to reflect and to begin again with a fresh perspective.

    Fun fact(s): I began a project in mid-2021 to run on every single street in my hometown of Eau Claire. Growing up here, I developed a genuine interest in learning more about the community that helped shape me into the person that I am today. And by simply exploring the streets that make up this city, I came to realize all the wonderful and nuanced ways in which we are connected to one another - all streets lead back to you.

    On December 12th, 2021, I organized a 50 mile run through town that traversed the entire city, inviting anyone and everyone to run along with me, completing the last two streets on both the Northern and Southern borders of the city. What was most amazing to me about this experience was not the distance or the streets, but how every step of this 50 mile effort was run in tandem with the amazing people in this community, I was never alone. Running is a transcendental thing that we get to do. By simply putting one foot in front of the other, we can change the narrative of our lives, we can create real, lasting connections to the space and people around us all while creating a positive and healthy relationship with what it is to be alive.

    Alexs Rates:
    8 + weeks $22 per week
    12+ weeks $20 per week
    16+ weeks $18 per week



    What excites you about coaching? Everyone is on a different running journey, I love helping people push themselves to achieve what they didnt think was possible.

    Background: I started running long distance 12 years ago shortly before my son was born in my late twenties. I was looking for a way to get in shape because it had been a decade since I played hockey. I had a few friends that had run marathons and I remember watching my mom run when I was a teenager, so I figured I try a half marathon and a marathon. To this day I remember going out in the middle of January to try this running thing out. It was hard, uncomfortable and very cold. I had no idea what I was doing but kept at it and eventually figured it out completing my first Grandmas Marathon in 2011. I was immediately hooked and started to figure out how this running thing worked and how to improve. Ive since completed 23 marathons (16 under 3 hours)and every distance from 5k up to 26.2.

    I have been coaching for at least 6 years and have coached many runners from middle school cross country to adults (men and women) pushing the limits of the 100k, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, breaking the 3 hour mark in the marathon and crushing their previous personal best.

    Some of my favorite races include Boston, Twin Cities, Chicago, Grandmas and Eau Claire. Everyone of these races present not only a great challenge but great crowd support and camaraderie with other runners.

    Favorite part of running & training: The best part about training is finding balance with running and the pace of life. Im a dad of two kiddos, a husband, and work a full time job so finding a balance for my runners is essential. To be successful we need to have find our center and be the best version of ourselves by finding what we think are our limits and breaking through them. I have no doubt most people havent even scratched the surface of what theyre capable of physically or mentally, I look forward to working with you on that journey.

    Fun Fact: I love teaching middle school and eating candy!!!

    $20-$25 / week depending on coaching duration



    What excites you about coaching? I have an incredible passion for coaching. I love to teach people and watch them achieve their goals.

    Background: I am originally from Chippewa Falls and went on to run Cross Country and Track for the UW-Eau Claire. During my time as a Blugold I developed a deep understanding of training and running. I went on to be an all-conference runner and a member of 2 national qualifying teams in cross country. My favorite races were the longer distances in college

    PRs: Mile: 4:24, 3k: 8:42, 5k: 14:56, 8k: 25:12, and 10k: 31:21.

    Favorite part of running & training: I love developing a plan and watching myself (or others) improve and gradually get better. A close second is competing! I love competing against others and more importantly myself to get new PRs.

    Fun fact: My wife, Briana, and I love camping and travelling around the countries visiting National Parks and Forests.

    Matts Rates:
    8 + weeks $22 per week

    12+ weeks $20 per week

    16+ weeks $18 per week



    What excites you about coaching? I am very excited to coach because I absolutely love running and I think that runners are the coolest people around.I also love sharing the joy of running with others.

    Background: I have always been a runner and my love of it started at a young age. My dad entered me in my first track meet at age 7. I ran cross country and track in middle school and high school. I was fortunate enough to be a part of several Division 1 state titles and podium finishes in track and cross country at Eau Claire Memorial. I had so much fun and the memories from competing in high school are still some of my all time favorites! Although I chose to focus on academics and not compete in college, I continued to run to stay in shape and do road races. Throughout my adult life, I have raced 5Ks to marathon distances and have enjoyed increasing my training and pushing myself in the last 5 years as I have found more opportunity and time to do so as my kids have gotten older. Favorite Races: Boston Marathon, Houston Marathon, SeaWheeze Luluemon Half Marathon, Eau Claire Half Marathon


    5 mi: 29:38 // 10K: 37:15 // Half Marathon: 1:21:03 // Marathon: 2:48:26

    Favorite part of running & training: Running always makes me feel totally like me. It is there for me and accepts me for who I am. I love that running allows me to continue to set goals for myself and challenge myself physically and mentally. I usually run very early in the morning and that allows me to see the most beautiful skies and early morning sunrises, which I cherish. It makes my heart so happy!

    Fun fact(s): I have been married to my wonderful husband Jordan for 18 years and have two amazing daughters, Calista (11) and Hailey (9). I hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and work at Mayo Hospital when I am not coordinating my daughters soccer, basketball, tennis and social activities. I also coach my daughters basketball team and enjoy cooking yummy food and baking. Jordan and I ran the Boston Marathon together in 2008! Our family loves to be active in many ways, with one of our favorites being spending time on the lake water skiing, wake surfing and wakeboarding!

    Rebekkas Rates:
    8 + weeks $22 per week
    12+ weeks $20 per week
    16+ weeks $18 per week




    • 18+ years old

    • Not currently injured

    • Phone, Email, Computer access

    Helpful, but not necessary

    • Google Drive

    • Online training logs

    • Heart rate & GPS data - Garmin Connect, Strava, etc



    • Initial athlete survey & informational form (see above)

    • Initial on-boarding interview

    • Personalized daily training log shared with your coach

    • In-person conference, phone call, or video chat capabilities

    • Email correspondence

    • Strength, flexibility, and conditioning resources



    Prices are agreed upon with each coach depending on the amount of care & contact frequency. Typically plans start around ~$10-20 per week with coaching plans lasting between 8 and 18 weeks.



    Our coaching programs are meant to give one full specified block of training leading up to a specified goal. Depending upon the person, too little time won’t be enough specific training while too big of a training window often becomes convoluted with multiple A-goals and too much can change along the way. Need more time? We’ll renew at the end of your term!



    We are not medical doctors, physical therapists, podiatrists, dietitians, or provide services for such. We certainly DO have a large network of professionals that we know & trust that we can refer you to for more precise care if needed. Many have experience in endurance sports and are athletes themselves including (but not limited to):

    • Trail Transformation - La Crosse, WI - More excellent coaches! Physical Therapists, Dietitian, and more!

    • Dr. Curt Riley - Altoona, WI - PT, DPT, OCS, TPS

    • Dr. Podolak - Altroona, WI - PT, DPT, TPS

    • Dr. Andrew Pankratz - Eau Claire, WI - Doctor of Podiatry

    • Dr. Adam Atkins - Eau Claire, WI - Sports Medicine Doctor

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