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    1. Professional People.
    This store isn't about shoes, it's about people. We're here for you - no matter what your background, experience, or goals. You're our boss and this is your store. We believe that the right people in the right places will give you a fantastic shopping experience in the store and keep a smile on your face as you literally run out the door!

    2. Personalized Gait Analysis.
    Being in the right equipment matters. It helps you enjoy your running and prevents injury to keep you running. Our personalized fitting process and state of the art video gait analysis helps us guide you to what products will help your natural running stride. No appointment necessary, available anytime we're open!

    3. Premium Products.
    We only carry the good stuff. Our footwear, apparel, and gear will get you through every season the upper-Midwest will throw at you and then some.



    Hello from our family to you and yours! We are the Adam and Alicia Condit! We met running cross country at track in 2001 at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. 16 years later, we moved back to Wisconsin to have Blue Ox Running be an extension of our family into the wonderful community of the Chippewa Valley. There are long lasting Condit family roots around the Chippewa Valley and our story together began running cross country and track at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.

    After 10+ years away from Wisconsin, many jobs (engineer, teacher, stay at home mom, HR), and three kids, we followed our calling back and feel blessed to return to our home state to enjoy this beautiful community. We've been trained by and gained experience from the best specialty running store owners in the business including Potomac River Running (Washington DC), The Runners Flat (Cedar Falls, IA), Iowa Running Company (Cedar Rapids, IA), and Grand Bluff Running (La Crosse, WI).

    Adam is a certified USATF coach, loves training as the sun comes up, and has raced as a post-collegiate athlete in 5k (14:55), 10k (30:55), marathon (2:27:20), 50 miles (6:05:xx), and 100 miles (Western States & Burning River 100). Alicia has much retail & operations experience and has always kept running in her life competing in half marathons, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and as an active mother of three while preferring to sleep in :)


    2017 Opening Film:



    2023 Short Film (Investing In The Hard Things):



    Our staff members are highly trained, experienced, and much like our customers have come to love running from a variety of different backgrounds, abilities, and reasons why they love to run. One thing that is common among everyone at Blue Ox Running is their passion to help people, smile, and have fun!


    Alex Rongstad - Floor Manager & Media

    How did you start running and/or exercise?

    Oh wow, what a question! I guess I've been running around my whole life, ya know? My childhood was filled with it; racing my siblings, chasing down friends and sprinting to exhaustion. My introduction to structured running came in middle school track and evolved to going out for Cross Country my freshman year of High School. I fell in love with running in those four years, running with friends and teammates down in the City Wells. I was elected Captain by my peers and I began to think about running in a different light - shifting focus from this performance "racing" mind set, to a more wholesome love of running and movement. That's when everything changed. I have been able to embrace what running truly means to me - a way to be in the world and connect with something deeper; to begin again and create a purely unique and meaningful experience.

    What do you like about living in Eau Claire?

    I grew up in Eau Claire. After living in cities like Minneapolis and Los Angeles in my 20s, I found my way back home. This is the kind of city I want to be a part of - one that isn't too big or too small; a city where you can know your neighbors, enjoy your childhood, explore nature and connect with the greater community of people doing awesome things.

    What is your favorite part about working at Blue Ox Running?

    I love being tapped into the Eau Claire running community and seeing how it doesn't only include runners, but also folks looking to move in whatever way life compels them - fitting runners, walkers, people on their feet all day. It's been a great place to encourage and help facilitate movement in all forms.

    List out four random facts about yourself:
    * I'm a big astrology nerd.
    * I have a kitty named Nala.
    * I play the drums
    * I ran every street in Eau Claire in 2021 & 2022.



    When you work for Blue Ox Running, prepare to work hard but also have fun and be in the best industry in the world ... shoes & people!

    We take applications through our survey year around but will reach out when we are hiring next.

    Employment Survey


    When you shop local, you not only get personal service and a free shoe fitting, but we extend savings to you in a few ways. You can also shop sales anytime online and in store!



    We have a mobile app! You can save more money by earning points and keep up with our events. Find it in the Android and Apple stores, simply search for BLUE OX RUNNING!

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